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Reflections of a young and aspiring People’s Scientist

Science is often viewed as a very objective, emotionless, technical, and purely logical field of knowledge only meant for an elite few. However, a key aspect of science which is the latent curiosity to understand the universe is an integral part of one’s humanity and thus cannot be separated from the rest of humanity’s endeavors which includes the social aspects.

HB 7049 and related bills are unnecessary, regulatory functions of PNRI should suffice for the time being

The goal of HB 7049 is to create a new agency to pave the way for the use of nuclear energy for power production. Therefore, this bill and all other related bills are unnecessary and that the regulatory functions of PNRI should suffice for the time being. Should it be determined that the current mandates and regulatory functions of PNRI and other related government agencies are lacking in some areas, it may be more prudent and cost-effective to update those mandates and strengthen said institutions by allocating more budget for research and development, and most importantly providing more permanent employee positions and benefits for scientists and researchers.

Scientists group reiterate opposition to Kaliwa Dam

AGHAM – Advocates of Science and Technology for the People stands firm against the imminent construction of the New Centennial Water Source – Kaliwa Dam Project. The 12.2 billion mega dam project is set to displace thousands of Indigenous Peoples of Quezon and Rizal, rid local communities of their livelihood and culture, and cause irreversible harm to the ecosystems and ancestral rainforests of Sierra Madre.



From their historical characteristic as refurbished vehicles leftover from World War II, jeepneys have de facto served as one of the main modes of transportation in the country when the government failed to provide a safe, reliable, affordable, and accessible transport system for its citizens. Instead of supporting them, the government is now punishing jeepney drivers by forcing them to replace their current vehicles with costly units that cost as much as Php2.5 million, when jeepney drivers make a mere few hundred to few thousand pesos in a day.

With Omicron rampage, Duterte admin must reverse unscientific and militaristic pandemic response

AGHAM – Advocates of Science and Technology for the People cautions the government on imposing discriminatory vaccination requirements in public transportation and other public services, citing that there is no evidence that such policy will curb rising COVID-19 cases as scientific literature shows that both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals transmit the virus just the same [1]. The scientist group strongly urges the government to step away from and reverse its unscientific and militaristic approach to the pandemic and to urgently start the establishment of the vaccine manufacturing industry in the country.

Scientist group to candidates: embrace a science-based policymaking responsive to the people’s needs

In our 22-year long advocacy of making science and technology serve the people, we found it necessary that the government should listen to the people, especially the marginalized sectors, and not just the political and economic elite. We challenge all candidates to declare their platforms before the Filipinos and not deceive us through mere rhetoric and gimmickry.

Justice remains elusive 11 years after the extrajudicial killings of ethnobotanist Leonard Co and his research team

AGHAM-Advocates of Science and Technology for the People deplores the continuing denial of justice for the brutal killings of ethnobotanist Leonard Co along with farmer Julio Borromeo and EDC employee Sofronio Cortez. The wheel of justice grinds very slowly for the killing on November 15, 2010 of one of the best botanists our country ever had.

Scientists welcome probe on mangrove planting malpractices in Bulacan

AGHAM – Advocates of Science and Technology for the People welcomes the decision of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to probe malpractices in the mangrove planting by San Miguel Corporation (SMC) in Bulacan. DENR also ordered SMC to temporarily halt mangrove planting in the province pending the result of the investigation.